Because we care about your future

About us

U-auPair specializes in trained, educated Filipino Au Pairs. Founder Patricia van Son strongly believes, from years of personal experience, that the best Au Pairs come from the Philippines and have a minimum of 1 year working experience outside the Phillipines. Au Pairs will teach children to respect their parents in a natural way. 


What we Do

We help future Au-Pairs to find the right match with a good reliable host family in the Netherlands via a culture exchange Visa.


 If you want to apply for the culture exchange visa, please go to the General Application form, which you  can find here:


General Application form


For more information about our company, please visit our website at:

This is what we care about

Our passion is to help Filipina's with a step up in life by visiting Europe for one year via our culture exchange programm Since the visa is not a working permit visa and since you have to leave from a country outside the Phillipines, we don't charge any costs for our candidates.