Aupair Culture exchange program

Au Pair means in French “a pair” which means you will be part of a family in a culture exchange program. It is an exchange program for one year only. For you as an au pair this means that in exchange for light household duties you will get free board and lodging, food etc. It is not WORK, meaning it is under the CFO (Commission on Filipino Overseas), this is the department under the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), therefore there is NO PLACEMENT FEE involved. If you leave from any county outside the Phillipines it is much easier.


Light household duties include:

      Taking care of children

      Being like a personal assistant for the parents 

      Some light cleaning chores; like ironing, cooking, washing dishes, small grocery shopping, bringing the children to school, helping with the homework, etc.


The culture exchange program will give you a chance to live with a European family and to exchange your Filipino culture with the Dutch culture. For both sides a nice year to learn international traditions. You will receive 340 euros for 30 hrs per week. Meaning you earn around double the amount per hour you earn at your present position. The host family is inviting you to come, they are your host.


The host family will provide you with

      Return plane tickets

      Au pair Insurance for a year (covering medical cost)

      SIM card for your mobile phone

      Board and lodging  


You are only allowed to help the familiy for a maximum of 30 hours per week and you will have 2 days off per week. During these 30 hours you are not allowed to use your mobile phones or computers privately. You have all the time to use these gadgets during your spare time or day off. You are never allowed to publish private pictures of the house, the kids, the car, etc of your host familiy.