How to Apply/ Process information

How to apply:

  • Step 1. Click HERE to fill in the pre-filter form. After completing the pre-filter form, you will receive a result through email within about 15 minutes. Please double check your spam folder if you did not receive an email.
  • Step 2. Check your email for the result of the pre-filter system. If you meet the requirements to continue your application with U-auPair, please follow the instructions in the email to complete your application form and answer all questions honestly.  Again, please double check your spam folder if you did not receive an e-mail.
  • Step 3. After completing your application form, send the following via email to
    - A clear copy of the first 4 pages of your passport
    - A copy of your work permit or residence permit
    - Host family letter - please download a guide for your host family letter at the documents page of this website
    - Your solo picture
    Without receiving these documents your application cannot be processed further.

Selection au pair candidates:

  • Step 4. U-auPair will review your application and send you an email for an invitation to have your first interview with a U-auPair team member.
  • Step 5. You will receive an email with the result of the interview. If you passed the first interview you will receive an email with an invitation to your second interview with a U-auPair team member. 
  • Step 6. You will receive an email with the result of this second interview. If you passed the interview you will receive a request to prepare and send documents to U-auPair via email to

Au pair candidates and host families. The matching phase:

  • Step 7. We will inform you through email when there is a host family that matches with your profile. You will be proposed to the host family together with 2 other candidates. Your application form, host family letter, solo picture and video data will be presented to the host family.
  • Step 8. The host family will contact you for an interview. Inform the host family when you are available. During your interview, be yourself and be well prepared, read the IND Brochure - Please download at the documents page of this website. 
  • Step 9. The host family will choose their perfect matching au pair. The au pair will be informed and asked if the au pair chooses this host family as well. 
  • Step 10. There is a match, the host family and the au pair choose each other. U-auPair will then send you the documents that need to be filled out completely and signed. Scan and send back to us via email to
  • Step 11. The moment U-auPair receives all needed documents from you and your host family, your au pair visa application will be send to the IND in the Netherlands. 
  • Step 12. Once U-auPair receives the positive advice from the IND (this normally takes up to 2-4 weeks), you will be asked to book an appointment at the Dutch Embassy for your visa application and interview. We will provide a checklist of the documents needed at your appointment. 
  • Step 13. Wait for the release date of your MVV (entry) visa. This normally takes 10-15 working days. On this date you will pick up your MVV (entry) visa / passport at the Dutch Embassy. You will inform U-auPair and your host family once you have your visa in your passport.
  • Step 14. Your flight ticket will be booked by your host family and we will send you your flight itinerary to the Netherlands together with a checklist with documents that are needed for your flight. Ready to go!
  • Step 15. Welcome to the Netherlands! Once you are in the Netherlands you will receive an email with important steps after arrival. 

* For questions, feel free to send an email to